Modalities - Therapeutic Services Offered

We have compiled a list of the therapeutic services we provide, ailments massage therapy may relieve, and a summary of the many benefits that massage therapy has to offer.


Benefits of Massage

• Stress relief

• Managing anxiety and stiffness

• Blood pressure control

• Infant growth

• Sports related injuries

• Boosting immunity

• Alleviating sleep disorders

• Promoting overall health and pain reduction for people undergoing cancer treatments

• Improves posture, circulation, flexibility & range of motion

• Post/pre-operative rehabilitation


• Constipation

• Headaches

• Chronic Pain

• Overuse Syndromes

• Respiratory issues

Medical/Orthopedic Massage

A medically oriented massage, used to alleviate the strain and irritation associated with medical conditions. Specific conditions that can benefit from this type of modality: arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, hip disfunctions, post/presurgery ailments, among others. Medical/orthopedic massage brings blood to specific areas to promote healing, the breakdown of scar tissue, and postural re-education.

Sports Massage

A modality that incorporates a vigorous massage, the utilization of active and passive assisted stretching, and active isolated release and joint capsule work. These methods promote repair and relief to overworked muscles, help to prevent injury, increase range of motion, and improve body mechanics. This massage is for the active and health conscious individual looking to achieve the best results from their workout routines.

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm to deep pressured massage. Deep tissue focuses on the deeper layers of muscle to relieve chronic pain associated with, whiplash, herniations, improper posture, adhesions and many other ailments. This modality utilizes techniques such as compression, myofascial relief, friction and trigger point therapy to effectively restore the body to its natural, pain free state.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

A therapeutic massage consisting of a light to firm pressure. Swedish massage encompasses long, flowing strokes to increase circulation, decrease tension and muscle soreness, and enhance stress relief. This modality harmonizes the mind, body, and soul by ridding the body of pain and restoring inner balance.


The manipulation of the channels and key points in the hands and feet, to promote overall health and well-being. Reflexology is particularly useful for conditions that affect the body as a whole, as well as those concentrated in the hands and feet, such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

Hot Stone Massage

Utilizes heated stones to promote relaxation. Hot stone gently softens deeper layers of muscle, increases circulation, unwinds fascia, and melts away trigger points without the need for deeper pressure. This amazing method to diminishes soreness and indulges the body with a warming and soothing escape from discomfort.